About us

Stingray Aquarium is located in the heart of South America, in the wonderful country of Peru. Being the largest Peruvian Exporter, we aim to be a strategic business partner offering your esteemed company our most valuable asset; Trust. Along with it; we understand that competition in this Global world depends on a series of key factors such as:


  • Non stop communication and constant information about our stock; this is why we try to work within your local business hours; providing a friendly reply in reasonable time.


  • Prompt answer to your requests; with all the information you may require; pictures, sizes, behavior, feeding, handling, water parameters, acclimatization processes.


  • Detailed information and on-time documents for the shipment; these are always sent in advance; Invoice, Packing List, AWB copy and, if required, Health Certificate according to each Country's regulations.
Over 15 years of experience

With over 15 years of combined experience in the handling, conditioning, breeding and treatment of ornamental fish, our qualified staff is constantly trained with latest techniques and processes to make your experience with Peruvian Ornamental Fish a memorable and long lasting one.


Besides constant training of our staff, both in-house or at certified Institutes and Universities; we also have the honor to have lectured in several conferences not only in Peru but also in Brazil , Ecuador and Colombia.


Our company also supports local Universities by offering practices to their students.


Furthermore, we do research, working together with universities and institutes to improve constantly.

Stingray Aquarium SAC


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Caserío Rumococha - Maynas - Loreto - Perú