Our main facility, the Operations center, is located in the heart of South America, Iquitos; in the wonderful country of Peru; we have a large 15,000 square meter land and modern complex where we hold over 2,000 tanks with capacity of 150 liters each, more than 200 ponds of assorted dimensions to assure constant supply of good quality fish and 70 big natural ponds where we keep the fish in a natural environment during the off season. This allows us to provide very healthy fish during all the year even during the raining season.  We also have stations in Pucallpa, Madre de Dios and in some small villages like Bretaña, Santa Elena, Islandia and Río Blanco. Another facility, in Lima, has a water treatment plant with reverse osmosis equipment, to perform re-packing to all our shipments and decrease the transit time while the fish are in transit at this airport.


These modern facilities provide our qualified staff with all the necessary tools to work all our processes in excellent conditions, allowing our company to deliver top conditioned fish.


Our quality process starts with the selection of the recently extracted fish from the Amazon basin; taking care of sizes, health, genders, patterns for their classification.


Acclimatization; the fish are taken to the tanks and aquariums, where they stay for a period of 2-3 weeks until they reach optimum quality conditions for exportation.


Through our water treatment process, we control the critical parameters; including pH, hardness, conductivity and temperature. On top of this, each unit has its own filtration and aeration systems.


Biological control of the fish is taken by our biologists who work in a properly equipped laboratory helping to prevent diseases in our fish.

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